5' x 40"x 30"  seats 6           $  950

6' x 40"x 30"  seats 8          $1,450

7' x 40"x 30"  seats 8+        $1,675

8' x 40"x 30" seats 10          $1,895

9' x 40"x 30" seats 10+       $2,195


42" D. x 30"  seats 4          $995

48" D. x 30"  seats 4+       $1,195

54" D. x 30"  s1eats 6        $1,450

60" D. x 30"  seats 6+       $1,675

65" D. x 30"  seats 8          $1,795

68" D. x 30"  seats 10        $1,995

72" D. x 30"  seats 10+      $2,395

10' x 5' x 30" Kitchen table made out of Ash. This table can easily seat 16 people. This table has a black metal base and a dark walnut stain.

6' x 38" x 30" Farm table made out of reclaimed pine with a black base and matching base.

Iron and metal bases priced separately

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. 

You are not limited to to the sizes shown.

We can make any size that fits your room.


62" x 42"x 30" seats 4-6          $1,295

72" x 45" x 30" seats 6-8         $1,595

86" x 42" x 30" seats 8-10      $1,695

This 6' L x 40" W x 30" H features a tapered leg and will seat between 6 and 8 people depending on the chair size.

8' table made out of reclaimed pine from an old plantation house built in 1833 near Jackson, Georgia.  This table is 8' long, 40" wide and 30" high.
It is shown with 10 chairs that fit comfortably around the table. The chair is a Tall Country French chair made out of birch and available at Anne Hathaway.  We make custom furniture to your specifications.  We specialize in old, reclaimed wood but can obtain any wood you prefer.

Reclaimed Pine table with distressed white finish

8 ' Farmhouse Table seats 10

7' L x 38"W x 30" H farmhouse table with arched apron.  The apron refers to the stretcher or wood between the legs.  The apron is arched in order to give more leg room to your guest.

5' x 38" x 30" table with black chairs.  Seats 6

This is a 6' long x 40" wide x 30" high farm house or harvest table built from reclaimed wood (heartpine and loblolly pine) that came out of a plantation house built in 1833 in Jackson, Ga. The house was very large, 3 stories and was known as "The Big House".  The land the house was on was won by the family in 1832 in the Cherokee Land Lottery held by the state of Georgia.  Winners of the lottery won 1000 acres.  
  .  Farm house table have a lot of character and become heirlooms in a family as they are passed down from parents to kids.
  This table has a sealer coat, then a dark walnut stain and on top of the stain three top coats of Enduro Var.  Enduro Var is often used for wood floors.  It provides a hard finish and requires no maintenance other than normal clean up after a meal.
   The picture shows a bench and 5 chairs. They are priced separately.  The bench is made to slide under the table for easy storage.  The bench is $550.  


7'x 40" x 30"reclaimed pine table with bench.  This table seats 3 on each side and one at each end for a total of 8.

Home Furnishings

6' Farmhouse Table with bench seats 6 to 8

54" x 38" x 30" Kitchen table.  Seats 4